img_9462-cropped“…Yiğit Aydın is not one of the composers, who exoticize their own cultural contexts by easily surrendering to the straight discourse of Orientalism. Either he is not one of those artists, who pretend to be the antithesis of self-exoticizers and though concede the hypothetical polarization between West and East, by taking for granted the so called opposition, again in favor of Orientalism. By means of the deconstruction of the existing metaphysics, i.e. by bringing into question such concepts as chorus, work of art, West, East, sound, and even the composer, Yiğit Aydın develops both an egalitarian dialogue being required by a global cultural plurality as well as a new musical expression and narrative forms. He deprives audience of stereotypical thinking schemes by dissolving the religious power of which we think as always being inherent to music. In place of this, he opens the doors of an innovative, pluralistic, and egalitarian hearing to a garden of carnival by weaving his music particularly with sound experiments. However, walking through this garden freely and taking delight in the scenery, necessitates you to have a cultural understanding embracing the whole world…” Music-sociologist Ali Ergur on Yiğit Aydın’s vocal work “Tanrının Dostları”, Eng. “Friends of God”. Critical review electronically published in Turkish.

Yiğit Aydın studied composition, music history, orchestral conducting, sociology, and mechanical engineering in Ankara, Marburg (Lahn), and Frankfurt (Main). His music is performed in Ankara and İstanbul Music Festivals, Emilia Romagna Festival (Italy), London A Capella Choir Competition, Wratislawia Cantans (Poland), Culturscapes (Switzerland), MusMA “Music Masters on Air” among others. His texts on music are published in Turkey, Germany, Belgium, and Austria as journal articles, book chapters, conference abstracts and proceedings. He has been keynote lecturer, invited speaker, and interlocutor in several international scientific events of interdisciplinary musicology.

He currently is instructor of composition, orchestration, fugue, music theory and history at Bilkent University and director of Bilkent Saygun Center. His compositions as well as musicological texts are mainly involved with the problematics of correspondence and clash among the oriental and occidental culture domains.

e-mail: yaydin@bilkent.edu.tr