Desmond Clarke PhotoDesmond Clarke (b. 1989) is a composer, oboist and visual artist based in the north of England. His work has been performed and exhibited extensively around the UK, particularly in Yorkshire, as well as throughout Europe and further afield.

His compositional interests include the use of algorithmic and statistical processes, microtonality and spectral techniques to explore sounds, systems and structures.

His projects as of mid-2019 include an ongoing series of works using live-generated video scores to explore the boundaries and overlaps between notated and improvised music.


Nucleation Grooves is a piece based on a single process: the manipulation of shifting groups of polyrhythms to create continuous forward motion. These various polyrhythms are treated and transformed in various ways but even at their most attenuated drive the piece forward, both enabling and destabilising the musical structures which they support.

Nucleation is the process whereby bubbles of gas form in a saturated liquid. The piece, therefore, could be thought of as a drama contained entirely within a fizzing glass of water.

The piece was premiered by the Chimera Ensemble, conducted by Ben Clark, in December 2014.

click for score of „Nucleation Grooves“ for six players