Deniz Aslan.jpgDeniz Aslan was born 1997 in Ankara. He started his music education at the Polyphonic Choruses Association of Turkey at age four. At the age of six, he started taking private piano lessons and continued until he was eleven, when he was admitted to Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory and started playing the bassoon. One year later, he decided to continue his music education at Bilkent University Music and Performing Arts Preparatory School and continued his bassoon education there. Continuing his undergraduate degree, he also started taking composition lessons from Prof. Tolga Yayalar at Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. At the end of his second year, he changed his major to composition, continuing his undergraduate studies in the namesake institution. He is currently a senior bachelor student at Bilkent University in composition track and studying composition with Prof. Tolga Yayalar.

Deniz Aslan has had the chance to study with composers such as Alican Çamci, Mahir Cetiz, Ken Ueno, Laurie San Martin, Mark Andre, Stefan Pohlit, Ulrich Kreppein and ensembles such as Black Pencil Ensemble, Yurodny Ensemble, Collegium Novum and Hezarfen Ensemble within his four years of composition education.




Gri, Turkish for gray, narrates an effort to reach “the white” from a black plane, in a black and white dominant world. Such that, it is never noticed that in the light of the new comprehensions reached as a consequence of every attempt, more and more into “the gray” it is submerged. Logic starts to fall apart in moments that hope becomes despair – and in the end of the process, in an absolutely gray world, there we float, unable to distinguish any contrast. I, in this piece, try to examine in musical matters and cause and effect relations if one can reach a point of awareness in a chaotic world only consisting of intersections and interactions of logic, as a result of the pursuit of their silhouettes which reveal themselves occasionally. I aim to exhibit a whole as broken into fragments, which is to be understood not only by observing from a plane of time, but from any aspect.

click for score of Gri for string quartet