Ali-ErgurAli Ergur is born in Athens in 1966. He studied public administration (bachelor) and social sciences (master) at Marmara University, Istanbul, and sociology at Middle East Technical University (PhD), Ankara. He has been faculty member in Marmara University (1990-2000) and Galatasaray University (2000-). His main domains of academic interest are sociology of communication and information, technology, surveillance, postindustrial society, consumption, economic elites and sociology of culture. He is the author and/or editor of course books on sociology of culture, author of two books on sociology of music, editor and author of a book on social memory and a book on the social impact of information technologies (Portedeki Hayalet, Müziğin Sosyolojisi Üzerine Denemeler; The Phantom of the Stave: Essays on Sociology of Music, Bağlam, Istanbul, 2001; Görkemli Unutuş, Toplumsal Belleğin Kıvrımlarında Dumlupınar Faciası; The Wonderful Oblivion, The Dumlupınar Submarine Disaster in the Folds of Collective Memory, Bağlam, Istanbul, 2006; Müzikli Aklın Defteri; The Book of the Musical Mind, Pan, Istanbul, 2009; Le Technocentrisme: Promesses et menaces de l’ère informatique, Technocentrism: Promises and threats of the information era, L’Harmattan, Paris,
2009); Buruk Şenlik, Enformasyon Toplumunda Anomi ve Yabancılaşmanın Yeni Biçimleri; The Bitter Festival, Anomie and Alienation in the Information Society; Phoenix, Ankara, 2016).

A second field of research of Ali Ergur is sociology of music. Ergur is particularly interested in the process of modernization of Turkish music. He published scientific articles in collaboration with musicologists as well as several essays on the transformation of musical expressions, forms and styles.

Ergur has been visiting professor at Université de Paris 12 – Val de Marne in 2005, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, and Université de Paris 1 in 2009, Université de Paris 5 – René Descartes in 2014. He is currently teaching at Galatasaray University, Anadolu University and Turkish Music Conservatory of Istanbul Technical University. He is actually professor at the Department of Sociology at Galatasaray University, Istanbul.