Active participants of BCA19, whose names are given below, are selected by the main professor and the members of performing ensemble in each module.

Module 1 “Ensemble” Arda Yurdusev, Berkant Gençkal, Desmond Clarke, İlayda Deniz Oğuz, Jakob Bragg, and Mohammad H. Javaheri.

Module 2 “String Quartet” Arda Yurdusev, Deniz Aslan, Desmond Clarke, Jakob Bragg, Ka-Shu Tam, Mark Dyer, Patrick Friel, and Valentin Schaff.

We thank all the applicants for BCA19. Because of the high level of submitted scores, the process was difficult for the two selection committees, having reviewed the applications independently from each other, and longer than expected. We are looking forward to see the active and passive participants of BCA19 soon in Bilkent.

24 30 June 2019 Bilkent University, Ankara

Bilkent Composition Academy is an international summer composition workshop primarily conceived for emerging composers. It aims to create multilayered networks among new music composers, performers, pedagogues, professionals and academics of several music related fields on interdisciplinary basis within Turkey, surrounding geographies, Europe, and worldwide.

The second edition of Bilkent Composition Academy, abbreviated as BCA19, will take place June 24th to 30th, 2019 made possible with the kind support of Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. All events take place on the Bilkent University Campus, Ankara. Active participants will have the opportunity to work privately with the renowned composers Eivind Buene and Mark Andre, and collaborate closely with Cikada (Oslo) and Arditti Quartet (London). Works by active participants will be realized through daily rehearsals, subsequently performed in public concert events and recorded by the resident ensembles. Further visiting professors to give hand in BCA19 will be Mahir Cetiz (Columbia University, New York), Michael Ellison (Bristol University) and Ali Ergur (Galatasaray University, İstanbul).

BCA19 will take place in three separate modules, namely Module 1 “Ensemble”, Module 2 “String Quartet”, and Module 3 “Forum New Music”. Module 1 and 2 are practical modules, in which emerging composers can actively participate with own works: hereto please see CALL-FOR-SCORES BCA19. Resident ensembles of the two practical modules hold daily rehearsals and two public concerts each. Module 3 represents the theoretical zone of the academy with masterclasses, workshops, seminars, panels, talks, round table discussions, individually tailored classes, open rehearsals, preconcert gatherings as well as postconcert debriefings, etc. with pedagogical emphasis and discussions on recent tendencies of new music through the participation of all the attendants of BCA19.


«New Music from Norway & the Nordic Sphere» is a focal point in BCA19, which will be represented by Module 1 and its faculty, Eivind Buene and Cikada, and the academy opening concert.

It is great honor to BCA to welcome the legendary Arditti Quartet in Ankara. The formation among others realizes the Turkish premiere of Lachenmann’s «Grido» for string quartet.

Select works among those by the active participants of BCA19 will be awarded with a publication in digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, etc. Resident professors and ensembles will make this selection during the academy post-production phase.

Mark Andre is the artistic director of BCA that is organised by Bilkent Saygun Center and implemented by Bilkent Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, all in short Bilkent Music. For the first edition of the event series, please click BCA17, that took place in 2017.

The language of all activities is English. Events and results of BCA19 will be subject of an audiovisual documentation.

All the academic events of BCA19 are for participants only. They are closed for the public except concerts. Please consider passive participation if you are interested in all joint events of the academy including the concerts.